Animal House, the Exhibit 2018

The 13th Annual Animal House Exhibit is an international exhibit of animal themed art including painting, drawing, photography and sculpture, all media. The judge Bobbi Baldwin has choosen 140 works out of almost 300 submitted from around the world.

January 3-28, 2018, Sacramento Fine Arts Center, 5330-B Gibbons Drive, Carmichael, CA 95608.
Artist’s Reception: 2nd Saturday, January 13, 2018 5:30-8:30 PM. Refreshments. Live  Guitar Music by Alex Bonilla.
Gallery Hours:  Tuesday 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM, Wednesday through Friday 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM, Saturday and Sunday 11 AM-5 PM.


Louise Ginsberg Best of Show
Sandy Delehanty, Madamoiselle Moo

Painting Drawing all 2D

Katherine Plumer, Morning Light
Joann Lindelof, Breezy Day
Donna Dutra, Save Me
MERIT Awards
Barbara De Wein
Sandy Lindblad, Serenity
Barbara Mitchell, Splash of Color
Shirley Isola, Tassels
Susan Giannini, Prima Donna
Honorable Mention
Yvonne Bonacci, I Wear Big Shoes
Marianne Harris, Wanna Snuggle
Elizabeth Hendricks, Teamwork
Tracey Sirbello, Zebra 2


Lucille van Ommering, Sorrow and Solace
Dean Taylor, California Condor
Mircea Ouatu-Lascar, Bongo
Denise Tarantino, Ostrich,
MERIT Awards
Pamela McClanahan, Frida - Sunrise Shadows
Chris Allen, Caged: White-Handed Gibbon
Honorable Mention
Paul Murray, A Whale for A Snack
Dennise Tarantino, Portrait of a Curly Haired Sheep

Sculpture, all 3D

Sue Anne Foster, Myrtle
Judy Sowa, E.B.’s New Career
Marilynn Fairchild, Black Jack
MERIT Awards
Ann Hendrickson-Pantos, Fouled
Ray Aubrey, Cast of Charactors
Carolyn Moyer, The Rabbit and the Dog
Honorable Mention
Cathy Keil, Billy’s Excellent Adventure
Mark Twain’s Music Box, Judy Sowa

Youth, All Media
Del Paso Manor First Grade, Frog Display
Isabella Santi, Black Dog
Lisa Ellenberg, Octopus
Teagon Moore, Leopard
Julie Wherry, Orangatan
Honorable Mention
Rory Durante, Bella
Evelyn Hendrix, The Fighter, Fly, Blue
Ryan MeCey, Hunk of Quack
Jayse Nabity, Snowy Day
Lily Perazzo, Carl

Accepted Art:

first_name last_name title material price
Painting Drawing all 2D        
Telagio Baptista Innocense Watercolor $495
Telagio Baptista Shower Time Watercolor $695
Joan Bauerly So throw it already acrylic $50.00
Susan Bernard Webb You didn't want to read this anyway acrylic 200
Diana Blasingame Haru Waiting Watercolor 250
Yvonne Bonacci Stirring Up Trouble oil $1,500
Yvonne Bonacci I wear Big Shoes oil $2,500
Lawrence Davis Sitting in a Tree Ink on paper $1,400
Lawrence Davis Blue Chair Alley Ink on paper $1,600
Judy Day Beauty watercolor 150
Barbara De Wein High Plains Mystery  Monotype on paper  350
Barbara De Wein The French Belgian  Mixed media on paper 800
Barbara De Wein River Crossing  Mixed media on paper  800
Sandy Delehanty CWA Mademoiselle Moo watercolor $1,250
Melissa Doyel Just Hanging Out Acrylic 250
Donna Dutra Just A Little Paint Pastels $2,000
Donna Dutra Cheetah cub Pastels $500
Donna Dutra Save Me Pastel 1200
Kellen Dyer Torpedo in Her Chair Oil on Canvas $400
Teresa Edwards Itchy trigger fish at th ok coral Pen,ink,water color, colored pencil $350
Lynne Edwards You're Gonna Hear Me Roar Painting - Watercolor 405
Lynne Edwards Bird Photograph on watercolor paper 375
Marilynn Fairchild Franklin Pastel 1200
Gary Edward Foster Jungle Man Mixed Media 450
Cecilia 'Cece' Gandre You Can Call Me Al oil on canvas $850
Cecilia 'Cece' Gandre I'm So Sorry Uncle Albert oil on canvas board $85
Maggie Gao Raining Day is Nap Day oil on canvas $150
Sharon Gerber Animal Skull & Cactus watercolor $300
Susan Giannini Prima Donna Watercolor Collage $1,200.00
Beth Glaze Cow Ponies Oil with Palette Knife $400
Adele Graham Hangin' In There Poured Acrylic on Paper 95
Bonnie Griffiths Koi Konvention oil $3,000
Penny S. Hanscom Whale Crossing Fabric Collage 335
Waneda Harbuck My Penny Pastel 250
Marianne Harris Sunday Drive Pastel $1,800.00
Marianne Harris Wanna Snuggle Pastel $2,400.00
Gil Hayes Cows in Pasture oil on canvass $250
Elizabeth Hendrix In the Vineyard Oil painting on Canvas $775
Elizabeth Hendrix Teamwork Oil painting on Canvas $2,250
Shirley Isola Movement...Over There! Scratchboard $1,400
Shirley Isola Tassles Scratchboard 1000
Shirley Isola Wolf Scratchboard 850
Patricia Jones Rhino Oil 250
Patricia Jones Casper Oil 225
ronald kendall A memory of Mia the invisible cat oil $650
ronald kendall If you drink much from a bottle marked poison,it is certain to disagree with you oil $650
gloria KINCADE San Diego Panda Watercolor 425
Ingeborg King WHAT!! Watercolor $350
Ingeborg King Mazzie Watercolor $750
Judy Knott Flash Acrylic and found objects mixed 850
Jessica Kong Lethal Lair Watercolor 565
Skip Lee Walking the Dog Acrylic on canvas 1800
Diana Licon My Pal, Amego Acrylic $225
sandy lindblad Jessica acrylic on canvas 550
sandy lindblad Hollywood Star pastel on board 500
sandy lindblad Serenity pastel on paper 550
Joann Lindelof Breezy Day Watercolor $2,000
Lisbeth MacDonald Dumah Watercolor $225
Lisbeth MacDonald Bismark Watercolor $225
Pamela McClanahan Painted Elephant Acrylic $475
Pamela McClanahan ZebraColt - Woodcut Woodcut on printmaking paper $295
Renee Messchaert Pop Rooster Mixed media on paper 1,000.00
Barbara Mitchell The Protector Watercolor 325
Barbara Mitchell Splash of Color Watercolor 350
Alex Nizovsky HONEYMOON Acrylic on Canvas 3300
Annie Peony Cute Squirrel 1 Oil on canvas 350
Brandi Pfleider Who? Gunpowder/Smoke Bombs/Charcoal on paper $450
Katherine Plumer Red Rosettes colored pencil 2850
Katherine Plumer Morning Light colored pencil on suede board 2850
Kathleen Presentati Les Chevres Watercolor Wax Resist Painting on Ginwashi $450.00
Kathleen Presentati The Palomino Paint Watercolor Wax Resist Painting on Ginwashi $450.00
Danica Read Soldier pastel and charcoal  385
Isabella Santi Black Dog Paper & white charcoal NFS
Tracey Sirbello Zebra 2 Graphite 400
Lynn Slade The Lion Fish Watercolor Collage $650
JUDY SMITH Go the Mountain and Meet the Tiger Acrylic on canvas $800.00
Elizabeth St Hilaire The Crown Jewel Collage of hand painted papers with copper metallic leaf and acrylic $5,500.00
Elizabeth St Hilaire Himself Collage of Hand Painted Papers with Acrylic and Gyotaku Prints $2,700.00
Teresa Steinbach-Garcia Tree Cat Pastel acrylic paint  300
Julia Swain Alligator Lizard watercolor $500.00
Julia Swain Rambeaux scratchboard $300.00
Eva Tanner-Klaas Couch Surfing Oil 100
Eva Tanner-Klaas What's Woof Watercolor and graphite 200
Debra Williams Honu Watercolor $450
Bruce Young Painted Pony Watermedia 275
Chris Allan Caged: White-Handed Gibbon Inkjet Print 125
Brandin Baron Towering in her place of pride Photoillustration on parchment with gouache, ink and enamel $400
Brandin Baron And Dream of Sheep photomontage on vellum with oil crayon and enamel $400
Carolyn Johnson Chance Photography $200.00
Pamela McClanahan Frida - Sunrise Shadows Photograph $75
Paul Murray A Whale for a Snack Color Photography $695
Mircea Ouatu-Lascar Jillian archival pigment print $300
Mircea Ouatu-Lascar Brunch at The Branch: A Balanced Diet archival pigment print $300
Mircea Ouatu-Lascar Bongo archival pigment print $300
gail parris Raven Trio archival inkjet photography $250.00
gail parris Those Birds Are Driving Me Crazy archival inkjet photo print $250
Denise Tarantino Portrait of a Curly Haired Sheep Polaroid  $225
Denise Tarantino Portrait of an Ostrich  Polaroid  $225
Denise Tarantino Portrait of a Turtleneck Llama Polaroid $225
Dean Taylor California Condor Portrait framed and matted photographic print $200
Lucille van Ommering Mandrill Don Dye Based 8-Color Archival Print 275
Lucille van Ommering Sorrow and Solace Dye Based 8-Color Archival Print 275
Mark Zablotsky Landed Shark Photography $325
Ray Aubrey Cast of Characters Welded Plasma Cut Steel 1200
Valerie Birkhoff Old Man Tortoise Glass Beaded Sculpture 13000
Vanessa Bondon Moving To the Light  Glass $350.00
Rodney Davis Old Mr. Blue Eyes Ceramic $200
Rodney Davis Legal Beagle Ceramic $200
Rodney Davis Late for the Queen Ceramic $250
ronald eckard 'Rocking Zebra' Wood Carving 6200
Marilynn Fairchild Black Jack Claystone 275
Marilynn Fairchild Bastet Claystone 375
Sue Anne Foster Myrtle Mixed Media 2000
Ann Henderickson-Pantontoss Fouled wire, patinaed copper base, found objects, acrylic stand and resinjects $350
Carolyn Johnson Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Pee Some Evil Tin $200.00
Margo Kaufman Dog with Bone Ceramic 125
Margo Kaufman Little Monster Ceramic 125
Cathy Keil Billy's Excellent Adventure Clay  $849
Cathy Keil Moose-crat Love Clay  $849
Dita Lewis-Panter Bronze Horse Ceramic 375
Carilyn Moyer Big Blue Dog ceramic 350
Carilyn Moyer Dog Gone Totem ceramic 450
Carilyn Moyer The Rabbit and the Dog (two pieces) ceramic 450
Judy Sowa Mark Twain's music box ceramic $400
Judy Sowa sometimes I feel like a nut....sometimes I don't Ceramic squirrels with nuts on a wooden base  $400
Judy Sowa E.B.'s new career cramic $400
Anca Statescu Blue Birds Mixed media (ceramics, acrylic and glass) $498
Tara Choudhry Landmark Void Acrylic 10
Rory Durante Bella Mixed Media 5000
Lisa Ellenberg Tagtraum von einem Oktopus im seichtem Wasser Water Colour on wood  500
Del Paso Manor First Grade Frog Display Mixed 10000
Evelyn Hendrix Blue Ink and color pencil on paper NFS
Evelyn Hendrix The Fighter Ink and marker on paper NFS
Evelyn Hendrix Fly Ink and color pencil on paper NFS
Ryan MeCey Hunk of Quack Metal & Wood $150
Teagan Moore Leopard watercolor 25
Jayse Nabity 'Snowy Day' colored pencil on paper 100
Lilly Perazzo Carl Colored pencil 50

Art may be removed January 28th 5-6 pm., or the following week, Jan 30-Feb 4 during gallery hours.

If you see errors in your name, title, media or price in the table below please email

or Jin Lee,