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2018 Annual WASH Member Show, Awash With Color


The 2018 Annual WASH Member Show, prospectus is available at the Sacramento Fine Art Center or for download here: WASH 2018 Member Show Prospectus

Please note that receiving for the WASH Member Show is scheduled for Friday, April 23 from 1-5 pm and Saturday, April 24 from 11-3 pm.

Along with our member's excellent art work, WASH is celebrating 40 years this year with a special Past President's show in Gallery 3 and an exhibit of some of our historical information also in Gallery 3 during Second Saturday on April 14th. Please join us to recoginize the excellent work of our current members, the accomplishments of our founders and to celebrate WASH's 40th.

Last year's Award of Excellence winning paintings were:

David Peterson

Fair Time, by David Peterson

Yuko Carson

and Azalea, by Yuko Carson.



Jeannie Vodden

WASH is delighted to present the juror for our 2018 Annual Member Show, Jeannie Vodden. Jeannie Vodden

Having studied under Sacramento master artist, Gary Pruner, Jeannie Vodden has a firm foundation in art. She has taught workshops and has shown her work in many locations throughout California for almost 20 years. Vodden prefers a complex play of form and light balanced with a very simple palette. Starting with only three to six colors she glazes many transparent layers. This reveals an unusual feeling of depth of color.

As she reviews art work, Vodden looks for three aspects: skill, composition and substance. Ideally a piece of art allows us to see the world around us in a new or fuller way, showing us something we haven’t seen before, a unique vantage point or something painted in a distinctive way.

Jeannie Vodden, the crossing

View her work at: http://www.jeannievodden.com.

2018 Show Committee

The 2018 WASH Show Committee is chaired by Trina Drotar, committee members are Cindy Farmer, Kathleen Noble and Peter Rodgers. Please be sure to thank them for their hard work.