Kaye Lynn Peterson is sending huge thank you’s and big hugs to every artist who donated their work to Ars Gratia Artis in 2016.  Your contributions made a beautiful show and we had plenty of items to fill both galleries.  Ticket sales on the other hand were lower than normal this year, probably owing to the fact that the event was moved from its regular Sunday afternoon time to Friday evening.  However, Kaye Lynn is also thanking all the members who purchased tickets and helped in getting the word out about the event.  Wonderful events like this one take all of us to work together so that more people in the community at large can know what an exciting, fun and vital contribution the Sacramento Fine Arts Center makes to the quality of life in Sacramento.
Visit Gallery 3 in January 2017 to view and purchase remainders of the recent Ars Gratia Artis drawing. Only $75 for original art!




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