Found Art Show

Join the fun!  Leave the viewer guessing by adding Found Art objects not normally associated with art or do a conventional artwork but add surprises.

Reggie Ferguson – Best of Show 2016

 “A found object is a natural or man-made object, or fragment of an object, that is found (or sometimes bought) by an artist and kept because of some intrinsic interest the artist sees in it.”


June 25 – July 14,

Receiving June 23, 11am – 4 pm

Changing perspective is one of the best ways to get past entrenched, habitual and potentially outmoded ways of thinking, seeing, working and responding to the world and people around us. This show challenges artists to shake things up a bit by Changing Perspective with their piece. Do something new; do something different. Create art that changes your own perspective - or changes the perspective of others.


October 29-November 17

Receiving October 26, 2019 11– 4 pm

Animal House

It's a zoo out there!  This wildly popular animal themed art exhibition has returned.

Mademoiselle Moo by Sandy Delehanty CWA, AWA – Best of Show 2018



August 6 – September 1, 2019
Entry Deadline July 6, 2019

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Misunderstood: Brainsickness, Brilliance, and Art


Sacramento Fine Arts Center, Inc.,
5330B Gibbons Drive, Carmichael, CA 95608
Hours Open: Tuesday 11 AM-7 PM; Wednesday through Friday, 11 AM-3 PM; Saturday and Sunday, 11 AM-5 PM.