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SFAC Offers Members A Web Gallery at $60 Per Year
Web sites are being offered to members using server space/address. The url will be Example: if your name is Wendy your patron will go to to find your gallery. A sample of this offer will is available to view above.
The webmaster will create a web site that will include:
1. A “home” page with 1 image and a navigation bar.
2. An “About” page that includes text, photo and a resume/statement.
3. A “Contact” page which will include e-mail and any other contact info you wish.
4. A “Gallery” page with up to 9 thumbnail images with links to 9 image pages.
The fee is $60 per year payable to SFAC. SFAC will keep $30 and webmaster gets $30 for setup. The site is posted annually, will remain one year from date of order. At the end of 1 year upon renewal new content may be submitted. Any customization or updates are billed at $30 per hour.
Navigation to web galleries will be from Web Galleries Button on main page.
Upon payment to SFAC, the webmaster will require digital files of 10 images of artwork, none smaller than 600 pixels at 72dpi; a photo of artist if desired; a resume/statement text file; name, media and price of each artwork; contact information; and background color choice. A banner, 72x600 pixels, may be submitted for use on main page. A link back to the SFAC web site will be on each page. Files my be submitted by e-mail or disk. Call the webmaster, David Peterson at 916-716-5951 for questions. All photography, scanning and typing will be billed extra.
This is a great opportunity for members to get their work on the web. All sales generated by this site are the artists’, unless the sale takes place at SFAC or an SFAC event.
If a member of SFAC already has their own web site a link to that site is provided free on the Members Websites page.




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