Gloria Kincade
“When you’ve painted as
long as I have, you want to try
it all,” says Gloria Kincade
of her art career. She has
been painting for 35 years.
“I started in oils in the late
‘70s,” she says, “but the oils
caused me to have headaches.
Chemicals are caustic especially
in a tight area. I slowly
transitioned to everything
- acrylics, pastels and prismacolor,
then got into watercolor.
It’s the one that’s challenged
me the most.”
Kincade graduated from
UC Berkeley in 1957 with
degrees in decorative arts and
education. “I always wanted
to pursue art as a career,” she
says, “but couldn’t make much
money at it. I ended up being
a social worker for 20 years
and helped my husband get
through dental school in San
Francisco.” The Kincades had
four children and lived in Davis
for 35 years. “We loved it,”
Kincade says, but we moved to
Natomas about 10 years ago
because two of our kids live
here.We’re kind of a Natomas












With her husband
Don, Kincade has traveled and
painted much of the world. From Spainand Paris to Iceland, she has pursued her
love of the outdoors and brought it to
her canvas. “I fell in love with the
beauty of Iceland,” she says. “It’s serene
and almost futuristic. The sky is a different
color and there’s very little green because nothing grows there. Yet it was colorful in a
different way, mesmerizing. I painted more of those landscapes than anywhere I’ve
Kincade’s favorite subject matter always comes back to flowers. “They’re universal,”
she says. “I’m getting into large flowers. You always have to experiment. Watercolor is
such a beautiful medium. It can be soft or hard, with a full range of color.”
Kincade’s work has been shown in Davis galleries, andhas won awards at the Sacramento Fine Art Center. She
is a member of the NatomasArtists Group as well as NCA and WASH at Sacramento Fine Arts Center.


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Images ©2011 Gloria Kincade, a Sacramento Fine Arts Center Artist