Joyce Wilson
Watercolor Artist

I’ve always loved the softness, bright lively colors and fluidity of watercolors.  After retirement in 1999 I was able to pursue painting in earnest.  I first joined WASH, the watercolor club with the Sacramento Fine Arts Center, where there are opportunities to meet other artists, take classes, enter shows, and learn new techniques.  I’ve taken classes as well as workshops from numerous artists in the area.    They have all given me enormous help, inspiration and encouragement.

My love of flowers, gardening and being outdoors has influenced my paintings as well as motivated me.    I enjoy painting in the wet-into-wet technique—you never know what the paint and water are going to do.  My watercolors are usually florals and landscapes using traditional styles as well as exploring different methods with negative painting, ink and rice papers.   Watercolor painting is a real challenge that always has me exploring new ideas. 

Joyce can be reached at
(916) 482-8092


Images ©2015 Joyce Wilson, a Sacramento Fine Arts Center Artist