Magnum Opus XXIX

Below a list of accepted art

HAND DELIVER ARTWORK: Sacramento Fine Arts Center, Saturday February 17, 11 am-4 pm. Arrangements may be made for earlier delivery.

SHIPPED ARTWORK: Ship artwork upon notifaction. February 16 is the absolute day shipped art is due SFAC. Artist is to be responsible to initiate and pay for all shipping charges as well as crating fee. If there is a delay in return shipping our shipping agent will call you.
All Artwork is to be shipped to: Magnum Opus XXIX, Sacramento Fine Arts Center 5330-B Gibbons Drive, Carmichael, CA 95608

Joan McMurray is the crater for Magnum Opus XXIX Shipping inquiries, please contact Joan McMurray via email:
Please direct to Joan any inquiries regarding crating and returning of crates.
If your artwork is received in damaged condition, Joan will call you for instructions on handling. Please include a check for $25 payable to Joan McMurray in your crate.

Below, see the Press release for details of the exhibit. It is going to be an exciting exhibit!

'Magnum Opus XXIX', Sacramento Fine Arts Center's Annual International Open Show, February 20-March 18, 2018. 5330B Gibbons Drive, Carmichael, CA 95608. A special juried art exhibit showing original art, sculpture, photography, painting, all mediums. Judged by Frank Zamora.

Reception: 2nd Saturday, March 10, 5:30-8:30 PM. Refreshments. Live Music.

Gallery Hours: Tuesday 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM, Wednesday through Friday 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM, Saturday and Sunday 11 AM-5 PM.


Show Chairs:
Diana Holt,
Pat Hofmaster,

Events Coordinator:
David Peterson

Updated 2-18-18

1. Linda Abbott Trap, "Seekers" Watercolor $425

2. Linda Abbott Trapp "Narrative" Watercolor $550, Honorable Mention

3. Richard Ashby "Agate Macro- Gravitation Layering" Photograph $250, Excellence

4. Richard Ashby "Playground Fantasy" Photograph $250, Excellence

5. Ray Aubrey "Self Control" Mixed Metal $500. 2nd Place

6. Pam Avery "Hot Orange Glow" Acrylic $800

8. Marbo Barnard "White Hat" Soft Pastel $500

9. Louisa Benhissen "Yosemite Falls Through A Screen" Oil on linen $3000

10. Louisa Benhissen "Service Industry" Oil on linen $3000

11. Constance Birdsong "A Looff" Photograph $300

12. Claudette Bleijenberg "Ibtsam" Fire clay original $4,000, Merit

13. Grace Cohen "Forever Blue" Acrylic and ink on canvas $1,500, Honorable Mention

14. Grace Cohen "From a Memory" Oil on canvas $2.000

15. Peggy Colombo "Shell Table" $475

16. Valerie Dacpano "Wouldn't It Be Nice If We Could Wake Up" Mixed Media: Watercolor, Oil Pastel $499.99

17. Rodney DavisPlayful Rabbit Ceramic $200

18. Lawrence Davis "The Sleeper and the Waker Oil on canvas $1500

19. Sandy Delehanty "Chichicastenango Vendor" Watercolor $1,250

20. Fay Deng "Imperial Kiln" Acrylic $750

21. Dee Anne Dinelli "Homeless Child" Photograph on Metal $375

24. Trina Drotar "Rainy Night on the Boardwalk" Wax, Ink $750, Honorable Mention

25. Darlene Engellenner "Copper Ferns" Copper and copper foil $750, Honorable Mention

26. Darlene Engellenner "Maori Garden" encaustic /blockprint $500, Merit

92. Marilynn Fairchild, "Woman's Plight" - Oil - 24" X 18", $11,500 - plus frame

27. Chris K Foster "Crow Talker" Mixed Media on canvas $425

28. Kate Grebitus, "The Beach" Pastel $500

29. Richard Greene "Galveston, TX #2" Photograph $250

30. Richard Greene "Quanah, TX #2" Photograph $250

31. Linda Heath Clark "Crescendo" Scratchboard Acrylic $2500, Excellence

32. Linda Heath Clark "Capriccio" Acrylic on Scratchboard $1100

33. Randy Honerlah "Aloha Nani" Acrylic on canvas $1400

34. Rebecca Jaggers "Owens Valley Shack" Watermedia $300

35. Rebecca Jaggers "Yosemite Falls III" Watermedia $350

36. John Michael Keating "Norns At A Well" Oil on canvas $1200

37. Barbara Kempe "Near the Grand Bazaar, Istanbul, Turkey" Watercolor $750, 3rd Place

38. Barbara Kempe "Sidewalk Cafe, Aix-en-Provence, France" Watercolor $500

39. Dawn Kincade "Yolo Sunset" Photograph on canvas $275

40. Dawn Kincade "Love" Photograph $275

42. Chris Knopp, Silver Fork Evening" Watercolor $800

44. Chris Knopp "Catch of the Day" Watercolor $800

45. Judy Knott "Tipping the Scales" Mixed media on wood $1200, Honorable Mention

46. Steve Kohr "Evening Grandeur" Oil on panel $500,

47. Skip Lee "Geometrics" Acylic on canvas $1800

48. Sandy Lindblad "Meeting of the Clan" Pastel $495

49. Jonathan Lowe "Heart and Soul" Oil $750

50. Jonathan Lowe "Gimme Shelter" Oil $1400, Honorable Mention

51. Pamela Lowney "Lili Purple" Watercolor $275

52. Blase Masini "Molten Core" Oils, Cold Wax Medium, and Collage $800, Honorable Mention

53. Marsha Mason "Old Vines" Watercolor and acrylic on canvas $1800

54. Sandi Mathiesen "Facial Fantasy" Collage on paper $300

55. Jolene Matson "Blue Horse II" Ceramic Sculpture $500

56. Michele McCormick "Bagan Girl" Photography $275

57. Carilyn Moyer "U.S. Postal..." Ceramic 3 pcs. $600.00 or $250.00 ea

58. Danielle Muzina "Boundaries" Acrylic and collage on panel $1,800, 1st Place

59. Danielle Muzina "Scrambled" Acrylic on panel $1200

60. Linda Nunes "When You Whisper My Name" Encaustic and mixed media $2100

61. Darrell OSullivan "Zabriski Point, Death Valley" Photograph $250

63. Mircea Ouatu-Lascar "Sunset Clouds, Keys View" Photograph $250

64. Mircea Ouatu-Lascar "Intergalactic Double-decker" Photograph $250, Honorable Mention

65. Pratima Patel "Nostalgia" Acrylic on canvass $575

66. David Peterson "Yosemite Patterns" Watercolor $485

67. Brandi Pfleider "Boulder Perspective" Gunpowder/Mixed Media on canvas $2,485, Honorable Mention

68. Katherine Plumer "Oxford Old English Game" colored pencil on suede board $150

69. Ellie Rosen "Irish Inspiration" Oil $400

70. Benjamin Serpa "Concerto Grosso: Allegro" Oil on canvas $600

71. Benjamin Serpa :Haystacks, End of Summer" Pastel on canvas $400

72. Lynn Slade "Snags 6" Watercolor Collage $350, Merit

73. Marina Smelik "Turbulence of Desires" Stone $2500

74. Judy Smith "Between Heaven and Earth" Acrylic on canvas $950, Excellence

75. Judy Sowa "Helicopter Parent" Ceramic and found object $325

76. Judy Sowa "Whatever!" Ceramic and metal $400, Best of Show

77. Daphne Stammer The Chase" Acrylic on canvas $625

78. Daphne Stammer "East of the Bay" Acrylic on canvas $675

79. Richard Stein "The Kitchen Table" Acrylic on Canvas $950

80. Jeffrey Sully "Spread the Wealth" Acrylic on sculpted wood panel $2500

81. Jeffrey Sully "Silt Partner" Acrylic on shaped wood panel $3500, Merit

82. Randy Thacker "Green Machine" Acrylic on canvas $1200

83. Randy Thacker "Purple Haze" Acrylic on canvas $1000

84. Gary Wagner "Stormy Seas" Photograph $575

85. Steve Walters "Chain Saw Blues" Watercolor $1,800

86. Steve Walters "Flying Squirrel" Watercolor $1,500, Merit

87. Kristi Warren "Magnolia Pods 2" Watercolor $500

88. Leslie Wentworth "Cuba-Look on the Bright Side" Acrylic $300

89. Erin Wohletz "Uncomfortable" Mezzotint, Woodcut, Photo Intaglio, Colored Pencil, Acrylic Paint, and Resin $1000, Excellence

90. Richard Yang ”San Francisco View“ Oil on wood board $3,000

91. Nancy Zberg-Jennings "The Abstracted Soul" Ceramic $700