Magnum Opus XXVIII


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SHIPPED ARTWORK: Ship artwork upon notifaction. June 16 is absolute day shipped art is due SFAC. Artist is to be responsible to initiate and pay for all shipping charges as well as crating fee. If there is a delay in return shipping our shipping agent will call you.
All Artwork is to be shipped to: Magnum Opus XXVIII, Sacramento Fine Arts Center 5330-B Gibbons Drive, Carmichael, CA 95608

Joan McMurray is the crater for "Magnum Opus XXVIII" Shipping inquiries, please contact Joan McMurray via email:
Please direct to Joan any inquiries regarding crating and returning of crates.
If your artwork is received in damaged condition, Joan will call you for instructions on handling. Please a make Crating Check for $25 payable to Joan McMurray. Include this check in your crate.

Below, see the Press release for details of the exhibit. It is going to be an exciting exhibit!

Magnum Opus XXVIII?, Sacramento Fine Arts Center?s Annual International Open Show, June 27-July 23, 2017. 5330B Gibbons Drive, Carmichael, CA 95608. An international juried art exhibit showing original art, sculpture, photography, painting, all mediums. Judged by Gloria Wooley and Chella.

Reception: 2nd Saturday, July 8, 5:30-8:30 PM. Refreshments. Live Music by Sean O'Conner.

Gallery Hours: Tuesday 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM, Wednesday through Friday 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM, Saturday and Sunday 11 AM-5 PM.






1.Lisa Aikenhead, ‘Whitman County Growers”, Photograph on canvas $450
2.Pam Avery, “Crossroads”, Acrylic on canvas $700
3.Gerald Barnes, “Gustav”, Mixed media on canvas $600
4.Gerald Barnes, “Numbers Series #79”, Mixed media on wood panel $600
5.Diane Ruhkala Bell, “Energy”, Acrylic, string, fabric $900.
6.Diane Ruhkala Bell, “Divide”, Assemblage, metal, screen, acrylic $600
7.Janice Best, “Undertow”, Oil on Canvas $1800
8.Janice Best, “Harbor 709”, Oil on Canvas $1100.
9. Raina Carson, “Teenager”, Acrylic on particle board, $400
10. Dorothy Champion, “How Was I to Know”, Oil on canvas $1000
11.Dorothy Champion, “Rhythm of the Falls”, Oil on canvas $650
12.Carol Clark, “Bald Eagle Preening”, Photography $175
13. Carol Clark, “Haystack Rock”, Photography $175
14.Cecilia Clark, “Going Home”, Digital image $475
15.William Cleveland, “Sunlight on Falling Water”, Acrylic on Canvas $850
16.Katie Cologna, “Toxic Times”, Acrylic $350
17. Katie Cologna,”Reflections“, Acrylic $350
18. Barbara Damon, “Barrenness”, Oil $500
19. Barbara De Wein, “Prayer”, Acrylic on panel $550
20. Laurene Fitzpatrick,”Barn Owl in Flight”, Photograph $150
21. Laurene Fitzpatrick,”Up, Up, and Away”, Photograph $150
22.Anthony Forster, “Lindisfarne Castle with Boats”, Watercolor $1,500
23.Chris K Foster, “United We Stand”, Mixed media on canvas, $495
24.Sharon Gerber, “Apple & Vase”, Watercolor $500
25.Citizen Grey, “Let Go” 2015, digital print on vellum ed. of 5 $1,500
26.Citizen Grey, “Ode to Change” 2017, digital c-print ed. of 5 $1,500
27.Eloisa Guanlao, “Darwin’s Finches”, Ambrotype and Wood $2500
28. Linda Heath Clark, “Awakening”, Acrylic on Scratchboard, $1600
29.Linda Heath Clark, “Catalyst”, Acrylic on Scratchboard $1900
30.Randy Honerlah, “Emergence”, Acrylic on canvas, $1800
31.Randy Honerlah, “Sun Splash”, Acrylic on canvas $1600
32.Rebecca Jaggers, “Down Home Farm” Watercolor $400
33. Dawn Kincade, “Softly”, Photography, $175
34.Dawn Kincade, “Dusk” Photography $175
35. Gloria Kincade, “Nightscapes”, Watercolor, $450
36.Gloria Kincade, “Ancient Warrior”, Watercolor $1250
37.Diana Licon, “I Brought You Flowers”, Acrylic on canvas $450
38.Diana Licon, “Mug Shot”, Acrylic on canvas $500
39.John Lukens, “Untitled”, Rust on canvas, copper, roofing tar, $800
40.John Lukens, “Quarter Moon”, Hog Casing, brazed wire, $500.00
41.Sandi Mathiesen, “Venus Fly Trap” Watercolor on Yupo paper $250
42.Sandi Mathiesen, “Where is That Cat”, Watercolor, ink on Yupo paper $300
43.Wyleta McDanniel, “Iris #2”, Mixed media on clayboard $350
44.Joshua McGowan. “Exhume Study 3251”, R/C Black and White Photo Paper $300
45.Joshua McGowan, “Exhume Study 1432”, R/C Black and White Photo Paper $300
46 Gary Miller, “Squirrel-A-Rama”, Acrylic on wood $1,000.
47.Gary Miller, “Nut Crackers”, Acrylic on wood sculpture $300.
48. Sea Miller, “Continuum”. Mixed media $498.
49. Sea Miller, “Key Holed”, Mixed media $195.
50.Roy Moffatt, “Still Waters”, Watercolor $110
51.Carilyn Moyer, “He Said, She Said”, Ceramic, $900
52.Carilyn Moyer, “Bird Man of Alcatraz, Ceramic, $225
53. Michele Murtaugh, “Feet First”, Oil on canvas 5,700
54. Michele Murtaugh, “Bound”, Oil on linen $800
55. Darrell OSullivan, “Moon Rise Joshua Tree”, Photography, $250
56. Darrell OSullivan, “Multnomah Falls”, Photography $250
57. TJ Owens, “The Source & the Sorcerers”, Mix technique on canvas $1200.
58. Diane Pargament, “Gathering Storm”, Watercolor $395
59.David Peterson, “Candy Stand”, Watercolor $485
60. David Peterson, “I Love Yosemite”, Watercolor, $485
61. Larry Powell, “Second Street”, Photograph $250
62.Sruti Raj, “Ritusamhara - The Four Seasons”, Acrylic on canvas $800
63.Sruti Raj, “Dimensions”, Aacrylic on canvas $600
66.Anthony Rogone, “Batik Blossoms” Batik watercolor on rice paper $2000
67.Anthony Rogone, “Batik Rose”, Batik watercolor on rice paper $1800
68.Carol Ross, “Yosemite Rocks”, Oil $160
69.Roberta Rousos, “I Still Feel Fifteen” Steel and fiber $925
70. Karen Salee, “Chosen”, Watercolor 3,600
71.Lynn Slade,”Tangles”, Watercolor collage $400
72.Lynn Slade, “Waccamaw River Plantation”, Watercolor collage, $450
73.Judy Sowa, “Ursa Major”, Ceramic $399
74.Judy Sowa, “The Watcher”, slab built hand carved ceramic with multiple glazes $300
75.Daphne Stammer. “Story Without Words”, Acrylic on canvas $1200
76.Daphne Stammer, “When Winter Turns to Spring”, Acrylic on canvas $800
77. Nicholas Teetelli, “Fluer de Monet” Archival pigment print on Hahnemuhle fine art paper $685.00
78.Randy Thacker, “High In the Mountains”, Acrylic on canvas $800
79.Josef Twirbutt, “Composition #84”, Wood, metal, paint (mixed media) $ 1,150
80.Josef Twirbutt, “Composition # 81”, Wood, metal, paint (mixed media) $1,650
81.Christy Volker, “The Finger Is Not The Moon #2”, Oil $1000
82.Dennis Wickes, “Attempting to Meditate” Fine Art Archival Print $475
84.Dennis Wilson, “The View Astern” Oil on canvas $2000
85.Dennis Wilson, “Middle of the Eighth” Oil on canvas $1800
86.Dan Woodard, “Unknown Ritual Object Ag986”, Cement, acid stain, bronze leaf $650