Vanessa Bondon

I have been involved in various arts and crafts for as far back as I can remember, playing with sewing, paper mache’, “gold” leaf, and many projects of my own fabrication that defy any categorization. Although this was an important expression for me, I never considered any aspect of crafts or art within my reach as a vocation until I retired from my tax preparation business in 1999.

At that time I opened a gift and crafts supply shop in a very small town on the Delta. My vision was to spend all day, everyday, surrounded by my favorite art materials, “playing” and creating whatever came to mind and hoping to sell some of my creations along with other gift items and craft supplies.

I had a whole world of artist media at my disposal and was itching to create, but little did I realize how much time and work a retail operation is for just one person. I spent most of my time running my business while my very lucky (I thought) employees got to play with all the wonderful arts and craft supplies as I looked on longingly.

Even so, I spent eight of the most wonderful years of my life at that business and that is how I got interested in jewelry making. I had so many requests for beads that I began to stock them and then began to make jewelry myself. As I learned more and more about jewelry making, my shop pretty much turned into a bead shop and I began to offer classes in basic jewelry making.
Unfortunately, my business did not survive the small town demographics or the slow economy. I shut it down and moved to Fair Oaks where eventually I happened upon a great little shop that was offering classes in Dichroic Glass Fusion jewelry. I was hooked from the time I walked in the door. I have been happily fusing glass pendants, bracelets, belt buckles and “whatever” ever since, combining them with my wire working skills and passion for Swarovski crystals.

I am inspired by the exceedingly wonderful art that is on display in every show at SFAC. This has motivated me to stretch the glass fusing beyond jewelry making. Currently I am enthused about making wall mosaics of fused glass and other materials on stained glass backgrounds. I really enjoy making this 3-D art, but I am also branching out to table tops and who knows what is next? Now days, whatever I see, I ponder on how I can interrupt it into glass, wire, crystal or copper! As I come closer to my second retirement, I feel assured that this time I will realize my vision to spend all day, everyday, surrounded by my favorite art materials, “playing” and creating whatever fun filled project comes to mind.


Images ©2012 Vanessa Bondon, a Sacramento Fine Arts Center Artist