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Watercolor painting by Lynn Slade titled "Snag Down Red Lake"

2019 Annual WASH Go With The Flow – Open Show

Juror Judging Statements

from Steve Walters:

When I select paintings for a show, I look for many things.  I look for the way the artist has handled the technical end of painting — things such as color, composition and the various elements of design.  An unusual or interesting use of technique, unexpected subject matter or fresh individual ideas can certainly catch my eye.  A strong display of skill and execution are always noted.  Most important, I look for the artist’s uniqueness of vision — that special energy and way of seeing — memorable and personal.  Lastly, a good, clear digital image is important to properly show off an artist’s best work and be competitive.

from David Lobenberg:

No matter if a work is representational or abstract, I look for several artistic qualities in determining a watercolor’s acceptability into an exhibition:

  1. Control of the medium (does the artist show a competency of applying paint to paper?)
  2. Imaginative content (has the artist created something out of the ordinary?),
  3. Strong use of composition (a unique point of view, well balanced, purposeful direction, flow, and rhythm), and
  4. Competent use of the five elements of visual art (line, texture, shape, value, and color).

There is one more artistic quality that gets me super excited and is unique to the medium of watercolor: “Controlling the flood”. These three descriptive words were penned a number of years ago by Jose Montoya, art professor emeritus at California State University, Sacramento. How apropos, considering that the pigments in watercolor paint are immersed in washes of water when applied to
watercolor paper. For me personally, wet-on-wet and spontaneously washes of overlapping hues is the most dynamic manifestation of controlling the flood.

Controlling the flood and the four previously mentioned artistic qualities make for the yardstick that I use for judging. They work in attracting eyes and enticing viewers to stop and linger before a painting. Heck, the viewer may even say “Wow! I want to buy that!”

2018 WASH Open Show Award of Excellence winner "Blue's Bayou" by Chris Knopp

2019 Annual WASH Open Show – Call for Artists

The 2019 Annual WASH Open Show prospectus is available on the WASH web site on the show page at the following link: WASH OPEN SHOW

Show entry is open at Smarter Entry, please see the link of the Open Show page above.


Online show entry deadline is: July 6, 2019
Show Notifications complete by: July 14, 2019
Hand Delivered Artwork dates: August 23 (1-5) and August 24 (11-3)
Shipped Art MUST be Received by: August 23
Show Dates are: September 3 through September 29
Reception and Awards Presentation are: September 14

2019 Annual WASH Member Show Reception and Awards

Here are a few photographs from the Reception and Award Ceremony for the 2019 WASH Member Show held last night. Please congratulate the award winners!

  • Table Decorations
    Table Decorations
2019 WASH Member Show, winner of the Donald and Dorothy Steed Award titled "Worried" by Nancy Wedick

2019 Member Show Reception and Awards

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone at our Member Show Reception and Awards Ceremony this Saturday, April 13th, festivities start at 5:30, awards at 6:30. Please consider bringing a savory or sweet to share.

Our featured image for this post is “Worried” by Nancy Wedick, the winner of the Donald and Dorothy Steed Award in our 2019 Member Show.

Watercolor painting by Susan Davis titled "Big Choice"

2019 Show Sponsors and Prizes

A list of our show sponsors and the prizes that they have contributed are available on the SHOW SPONSORS page, please check out some of our sponsors and the awesome prizes that they are providing!

Don’t forget to thank our sponsors and consider trying some of their products. Your thanks goes along way to ensuring that we have sponsors for future shows.

Watercolor painting titled "Yosemite Glass" by Dan Petersen

2019 Annual Member Show, Awash With Color Juror



Dan Petersen received his Master of Arts degree in watercolor from San Jose State University and has been teaching watercolor and drawing at the college level for over 40 years.
Dan is a popular lecturer, judge and a signature member of the American Watercolor Society and the National Watercolor Society. He has participated in countless competitive shows winning many honors including top statewide and national awards. He has held over fifty one-man shows and participated in numerous group exhibits.
His work is in the collections of California State Universities and in hundreds of private homes including those of former US President Ronald Reagan and USSR leader Mikhail Gorbachev.