Deadline, May 1, 2019

WASH Scholarship Committee
c/o Sacramento Fine Arts Center
5330-B Gibbons Drive
Carmichael, CA 95608

Watercolor Artists of Sacramento Horizons (WASH), is again offering a $1000 Scholarship for a high school senior or a college art major who would like to continue his/her pursuit of learning more about water media at the college level.

Please print a scholarship application and cover letter out and give it to a deserving student for consideration. You will find the 2019 WASH Scholarship application and criteria at the following link: WASH Scholarship 2019.pdf

As it comes closer to the time to apply, if you need a Word digital document for the student to complete, please email and we will send the document in Word format.

WASH 2018 Scholarship Winner

WASH has been privileged to recognize students who are pursuing a college art degree and who are interested in water media. In 2018 we recognized Emma LaRoe, and presented her with a $1,000 scholarship at our meeting on May 14th. Emma’s art work was on display in the Foyer at the Sacramento Fine Art Center for the month of May 2018.

Emma LaRoe, Halls of Zion
Emma LaRoe, 2018 WASH Scholarship Winner, “Halls of Zion”

Emma LaRoe is a senior at Bella Vista High School in Fair Oaks. Emma has always had an interest in art. Watercolor and acrylic are her preferred mediums; however she dabbles in portrait sketches, oil paintings and glass art. Emma’s goal is to major in fine art and possibly minor in business, math or liberal arts and to obtain teaching credentials. Her goal is becoming a reality as she was accepted into William Jessup University’s Fine Arts program. After college she plans to become an art teacher either for public/private schools or become an art vendor for home school programs.

Emma also inspires young artists within her community. She indicates teaching, being an inspiration, having fun and being able to create something beautiful is why she wants to become an artist. She shares her love of art with children, teaching a week long summer painting class at her church. Emma exemplified her commitment to the art community by contributing to a district wide annual fundraiser at her high school and helping to create over five hundred small glass sun catchers with her fellow classmates in the Advanced Glass Art class.

Emma LaRoe, View Of Turkey
Emma LaRoe, 2018 WASH Scholarship winner, “View of Turkey”

Emma is highly recommended by her teachers who are impressed with her creative talent and hard work ethic. They indicate she has not only a strong foundation, but someone who is passionate about art. Her senior year has afforded wonderful opportunities to showcase her beautiful artwork, as well as demonstrate leadership skills. As the Art Club Vice President, she works with her teachers and other officers to offer more creative opportunities to the students on campus.

Emma has been active in pursuing her talent in art. In her art portfolio, she submitted watercolor images indicating her understanding of watercolor techniques, design and creativity. The View of Turkey is her watercolor recreation of a photograph looking down on a city in Turkey. This was her first commissioned painting. Since then she has been commissioned to paint three more watercolors as well as selling an acrylic painting and painting a storefront window.

Emma LaRoe, Seventh Day
Emma LaRoe, 2018 WASH Scholarship winner, “Seventh Day”